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Next Event: 30th & 31st May 2025

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in this transformative journey,  with hundreds of other Healthcare, Fitness, Wellness and Disability Professionals

Who the Summit is for:

Fitness & Wellness Professionals:

Gain valuable insights into holistic coaching, foot care, and fundamental movements for your clients.

Healthcare Practitioners:

Learn about cancer exercise and recovery, gait optimization, and preventing falls.

Individuals with Disabilities:

Explore how to create inclusive fitness businesses and promote physical activity for people with disabilities.

Why You Should Attend:


Gain the knowledge and tools needed to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, regardless of your age or abilities.

Expert Guidance

Learn from renowned experts in their respective fields, offering evidence-based approaches and practical techniques.

Holistic Approach

Understand that health and well-being encompass physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

Preventative Health

Explore the latest science and practical advice to prevent chronic diseases and enhance longevity.


Discover the power of hyper-personalized approaches to guide you back to your authentic self.

Benefits of attending:

  • Enhanced Active Ageing: Learn how wearable technology can empower active ageing and improve physical activity.
  • Cancer Exercise and Recovery: Gain insights from a 20-year cancer survivor, Shauna, on improving patient outcomes through exercise.
  • Wellness and Recovery: Unlock the power of recovery to enhance physical and mental health, performance, and rejuvenation.
  • Inclusivity: Explore strategies for promoting physical activity among individuals with disabilities, creating a more inclusive fitness environment.
  • Gait Optimization: Learn practical exercises and techniques to improve balance, stability, and confidence, reducing the risk of falls.
  • Foot Care for Golden Years: Understand your unique foot care needs as you age and improve foot health.
  • Holistic Coaching Toolbox: Gain valuable tools for holistic client management, encompassing physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Science and Art of Longevity: Stay up-to-date with the latest science and practical advice for better living and active ageing.
  • Personalization for Wellness: Discover the profound interplay of genetics, lifestyle choices, and programs shaping our existence.

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The venue is located in the Brisbane Technology Centre at Eight Mile Plains. Approximately 20 minutes from Brisbane City and 15 minutes from Brisbane Airport. If you are flying in from other states the last flight out of Brisbane is approximately 9.00pm. Check the airlines for more  specific times.

  1. Access to Workshops and Sessions: Registration typically grants you access to all the workshops and sessions offered during the event. This includes the ability to attend presentations, participate in discussions, and engage with experts and presenters.

  2. Conference Materials: You may receive digital or physical conference materials, such as program schedules, presentation slides, handouts, and any relevant resources.

  3. Networking Opportunities: We offer networking opportunities where you can connect with fellow attendees, presenters, and sponsors to exchange ideas and contacts. Join us at the end of the day for Q & A’s as well as networking drinks.

  4. Meals and Refreshments: Lunch will be provided on the day. If you have special nutritional needs please advise the team 72 hours prior to the event. We also recommend bringing additional snacks and drinks to have throughout the day.

  5. Access to Exhibits: Your registration will grant you access to explore the exhibits and interact with exhibitors. The exhibitors area is in the main foyer where you will have access throughout the day.

  6. Event Swag : If you are one of the first 100 people to register you will receive a tote bags. There will also be coupons and promotional material available from the exhibitors.

  7. Certificates or Continuing Education Credits: The Event is registered for 6 CEC’s through AUSactive. At the end of the Event you will be issued a Certificate of Completion. 

  8. Post-Event Materials: Depending on the Presenters and Exhibitors, you may receive post-event materials, such as recordings or access to online resources after the summit concludes.

  9. Access to recorded sessions: On completion of the Event, for a small fee, attendees will have the opportunity to purchase the recorded session. 

There are no prerequisites. Anyone who is interested in being involved  with the Ageing Demographic or just simply wanting to increase their own knowledge can attend. There is something for everyone.

Prior to the Event you will receive a day schedule. In each time slot there are three sessions. You will be able to attend any of these sessions. You will not need to register for specific sessions. 

Certainly! The presenters will be at the venue all day and will be joining us after the Event for Networking Drinks. We would love you to be there with us.