Bringing to you World Leaders and Educators that will help strengthen your authority and leadership for the ‘Healthy Ageing’ market which continues to grow exponentially!

Presenters With Vision

Our Presenters

The presenters at the Healthy Ageing Summit are a diverse and accomplished group, each bringing unique expertise to the table. Ian O’Dwyer, Laraine Dunn, and Dave Liow, renowned in the Fitness and Wellness Industries, offer an holistic approach to health, encompassing movement, personalized health, and optimal movement for seniors. Angela Lee Jenkins, with her extensive background in wellness, shares transformative insights for a fulfilling life. Additionally, Dr. Cam McDonald contributes his expertise in personalized and precision health. The lineup promises a wealth of knowledge, from movement coaching to holistic health practices, providing attendees with practical tools and inspiration for healthy ageing.

The Holistic Coaching Toolbox

Beyond the Physical

Angela Lee Jenkins

Closing Address

Ageing Disgracefully

Barrie Elvish

Returning Clients

To Their Personal Best

Dr Cam McDonald

Foot Care for Stepping

Into the Golden Years

Dave Liow

Wearable Technology

Empowers Active Ageing

Emmet Williams

Expanding & Engaging

the 50+ Market

Grant Gamble

breathing For


Guy Leech

Fundamental Movements for Those

Moving Through Life

Ian O'Dwyer

Effective Gait - Secrets to Strong Foundations

& Falls Prevention

Laraine Dunn

The Science & Art of Longevity

for the Active Ageing

Meghan Jarvis

Future Trends in Ageing:

Panel Discussion

Mel Tempest

Living Your

Longest Life

Nick Engerer

Unlocking Wellness:

The Power of Recovery

Richard Boyd


Cancer Recovery

Shauna Britton

Empowering Active Living for

People with Disabilities

Scott Hunt