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Myzone is a global game-changing wearable that keeps people motivated, wherever they choose to work out.

Myzone’s unique activity tracking point system, MEPS, makes exercise fun and competitive with an accurate heart rate monitor and app.

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AUSactive, the national peak industry association, is dedicated to fostering a more physically active Australia. Through various initiatives like consumer education, facilitating access to top-notch programs and facilities, and ensuring a professional workforce, AUSactive aims to boost physical activity levels nationwide. This is achieved through ongoing education, setting industry standards, advocating for participation, and forming strategic partnerships.

Fit Into Shape

We love Health & Fitness. We live it, breathe it and practice it. We are a passionate, highly experienced & dedicated small team driven to ensure you succeed. We are highly sort after largely due to providing ongoing bespoke solutions. We have many long standing relationships with our partners. Our team members are focused on listening to customers’ needs and to provide creative, innovative ideas that differentiate our products to provide impactful and functional solutions.

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A Longer Life simplifies complex topics to help you build a personalised and affordable approach to wellness. New technologies are enabling longer, healthier lives. The question is – which ones are right for you? A Longer Life simplifies complex topics to help you build a personalised and affordable approach to wellness. It’s part uncensored biohacking journey, part deep dive into understanding how you can leverage the latest advances in longevity tech

Perform Better AU

With a Combined 70+ years experience our team of fitness professionals thrive on training, coaching and imparting our knowledge with the most up to date research in education and innovative fitness equipment.

Perform Better Pro-Ed sets industry benchmarks by delivering the best professional grade products and specialised accredited fitness, health and training courses to the Health Professional, Trainer or fitness enthusiast. 

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