Bringing to you World Leaders and Educators that will help strengthen your authority and leadership for the ‘Healthy Ageing’ market which continues to grow exponentially!

Presenters With Vision

Our Presenters

The presenters at the Healthy Ageing Summit are a diverse and accomplished group, each bringing unique expertise to the table. Ian O’Dwyer, Laraine Dunn, and Dave Liow, renowned in the Fitness and Wellness Industries, offer an holistic approach to health, encompassing movement, personalized health, and optimal movement for seniors. Angela Lee Jenkins, with her extensive background in wellness, shares transformative insights for a fulfilling life. Additionally, Dr. Cam McDonald contributes his expertise in personalized and precision health. The lineup promises a wealth of knowledge, from movement coaching to holistic health practices, providing attendees with practical tools and inspiration for healthy ageing.

Angela Lee Jenkins
Holistic Wellness Coach
Mind, Body, Spirit Alignment Specialist

Angela Lee Jenkins

With over 23 years in the wellness industry, Angela Lee Jenkins is a distinguished expert in stress management, exercise physiology, holistic health, and personal transformation. Having spoken internationally, she has coached and inspired change in some of the world’s most successful individuals. Angela founded an exercise physiology center, led corporate well-being programs, and mentored award-winning trainers and professionals. Her personal journey, including the loss of her son Will, led her to profound self-discovery and transformation. Angela, dedicated to inspiring fulfilling lives through “Will to Liv,” now speaks, runs corporate programs, coaches, and hosts retreats globally, embodying the principles she advocates for a holistic approach to well-being.

Barrie Elvish
Fitness Industry Visionary
CEO AusActive

Barrie Elvish

Barrie Elvish, CEO of AUSActive, is a seasoned leader in the Australian Fitness Industry. With a robust background, he has steered AUSActive to prominence. Barrie is recognized for his strategic vision and operational expertise, contributing to the company’s success in promoting physical activity and well-being. With extensive experience in fitness and sports management, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the industry landscape. Barrie is dedicated to fostering a healthier nation, and his leadership at AUSActive reflects a commitment to advancing fitness on a national scale. His dynamic approach and industry contributions underscore his influence and impact.

Dr Cam McDonald
Health Transformation Scientist
Expert in Lifestyle Medicine

Dr Cam McDonald

Dr. Cam McDonald is a distinguished leader, educator, and internationally acclaimed speaker in personalized and precision health. As a key executive and education leader at Precision Health Alliance, he is on a mission to eradicate chronic disease and pain by 2050, promoting ‘healthy’ and ‘resilient’ as the norm. Dr. Cam, a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, is a Ph.D. scholar, accredited practicing dietitian, and exercise physiologist. Renowned for his expertise in personalized health and epigenetics, he simplifies the complexities of health science, instills hope, and inspires action. His holistic approach educates individuals on the profound impact of the environment on physical and mental well-being.

Dave Liow
Foot Health Maestro
Golden Years Mobility Specialist

Dave Liow

Dave Liow, originally from New Zealand, is a passionate advocate for health, exercise, and optimal movement. His childhood focus on sports led him to earn a post-graduate MPhEd (dist) at Otago University. With a background in occupational therapy, anatomy, and kinesiology, he became a senior lecturer in Exercise Rehabilitation and Resistance Training. Dave spent a decade as a lead strength and conditioning coach with High Performance Sport New Zealand, working with elite athletes across various disciplines. Notable achievements include training teams for successful World Series campaigns, Commonwealth, and Olympic Games. A sought-after speaker at international events, Dave co-directs Kaizen Exercise Physiologists, embodying his commitment to holistic health and movement coaching.

Emmett Williams
Wearable Technology Visionary
CEO, Myzone

Emmett Williams

Emmett Williams, GAICD, is an award-winning entrepreneur renowned for co-founding Myzone, a pioneer in delivering wearable fitness tracking technology to the commercial fitness industry. Myzone’s platform, now utilized by legislators in the US Congress and UK Parliament, reflects Emmett’s innovative impact. As a global influencer, he sits on various health and fitness-based boards, contributing to intergovernmental groups like the World Health Organization, particularly on matters of physical inactivity. Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Emmett was inducted onto the Roll of Honour by AUSactive for his global endeavors, dedicated to fostering increased physical activity worldwide.
Guy Leech
Water Warrior & Giant of Triumph
Founder of Heart180

Guy Leech, a beacon of fitness and endurance, is a multifaceted athlete renowned for his achievements in surf lifesaving, ironman competitions, and endurance sports. As a distinguished figure in Australian sports history, he has claimed numerous titles including the Coolangatta Gold, World Ironman Championship, and Uncle Toby’s races. Leech’s prowess extends beyond competition, as he shares his expertise through coaching, motivational speaking, and media appearances. With a passion for health and wellness, he continues to inspire and empower others to reach their peak performance levels. Leech’s legacy is marked by his relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to promoting active, healthy lifestyles.

Grant Gamble HAS
Transformative Leader
Business Innovator

Grant has amassed 35+ years of success in growing fitness and wellness firms across competitive U.S. and Australasian markets. His acclaimed book, The Affinity Principle™, outlines a people-centric leadership strategy for business triumphs. Grant imparts impactful insights on fostering customer advocacy, team engagement, and profitability. His expertise spans healthy lifestyles, mindful movement, and integrating healthcare with fitness. Grant’s sessions, rooted in tangible achievements, drive individual, corporate, and community well-being. Renowned for his authenticity and relatability, Grant is a sought-after speaker for business events, retreats, and conferences, offering motivational talks and team training that resonates deeply.

Ian O'Dwyer
Movement Mastery Expert
Personalized Fitness Innovator

Ian O’Dwyer, affectionately known as OD, is a revered Movement Coach, Sports Conditioner, Personal Trainer, Body Worker, Global Educator, Author, and Mentor with a rich 30-year journey. As Founder and Director of OD on Movement Performance Studio for 24 years on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, he left an indelible mark. Co-founder of PTA Global, a groundbreaking force in fitness education, Ian’s visionary spirit reshaped the industry. Today, as Co-Founder of Feel SOMA, he continues shaping the future. Ian’s coaching ethos blends emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects, fostering personal growth. His unique ability to effect instant change and connect globally defines his transformative impact.

Laraine Dunn
Gait Optimization Guru
Falls Prevention Specialist

Laraine Dunn

Laraine Dunn, a luminary in the fitness realm, boasts accolades such as the Australian Fitness Industry Lifetime Achievement Award and Australian Fitness Professional of the Year. With over 30 years of experience, she excels as a business owner, mentor, and presenter, leaving an enduring mark on the industry. Laraine’s influence extends from grassroots senior’s exercise classes to international presentations, showcasing her commitment to education and innovation. A distinguished figure in fitness industry accreditation, she holds multiple accreditations in sports coaching, massage, aquatic instruction, kinesiology, and reflexology, underpinned by two research Master degrees. Laraine’s career reflects a passion for thought-provoking presentations and pioneering contributions.
Meghan Jarvis
Longevity Science Pioneer
Wellness and Prevention Strategist

Meghan Jarvis

Meghan Jarvis, MEd, BKin, and Founder of WellCorp Health and Wellness, is an international speaker, athlete, and entrepreneur. Former World Class BMX racer turned professional basketball player, Meghan is a lead lecturer at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Passionate about fitness and entrepreneurship, she founded WellCorp and Buzvil, a global health and fitness app. Meghan emphasizes redefining the link between physical and mental health, guiding individuals to breakthroughs and holistic growth. A stuntwoman in ‘Elvis’ and ‘Ninja’ on Australian Ninja Warrior, she’s a Total Gym BDO, Altitude Training International Master Coach, and CEO of WellCorp. Her diverse educational portfolio and enthusiastic leadership make her a standout figure in health and fitness.

Mel Tempest
Fitness Industry Influencer
Wellness Entrepreneur

Mel Tempest

Mel Tempest, an influential figure in the fitness industry, has garnered numerous accolades, including being the first Australian awarded by IHRSA in 2017. Her health club achieved top 3 status in Smart Company Australian awards in 2017. Recognized as a top 3 fitness business influencer in the USA by the Association Of Fitness Studios in 2019 and 2020, Mel is a trailblazer. She secured approval in 2005 to open Australia’s first male gym. As CEO and founder of Ignite Fitness Business Events, host of fitness podcasts, and keynote speaker, Mel focuses on innovative strategies for niche creation, technology integration, and global recognition. Her autobiography inspires thousands, emphasizing personal transformation and creating positive change.

Nick Engerer HAS
Longevity Mindset Strategist
 Dr Nick Engerer is a biohacker and longevity mindset strategist dedicated to creating a global shift in perspectives of what’s possible for human longevity. Nick recently launched A Longer Life, a platform that delivers the essential information you need to live your longest and healthiest lifeNick has made it his life’s mission to help you and your loved ones determine your health future and change your current ageing destiny. At A Longer Life, we have created a straightforward four part framework that guides you through your longevity journey. Changing your mindset, creating a strategy, upgrading your lifestyle and leveraging longevity technologies.
Richard Boyd
Recovery and Wellness Architect
Performance Enhancement Expert

Richard Boyd

Richard Boyd, a Fitness Industry expert, renowned for his roles at PT on the Net and PTA Global, brings a wealth of experience. As the Director of Content at PT on the Net, he crafts cutting-edge fitness education. Additionally, as the Head of Content Development at PTA Global, Richard contributes to revolutionizing fitness training approaches. His LinkedIn profile reflects a seasoned professional with a passion for advancing fitness knowledge globally. With a focus on educational content creation, Richard Boyd is dedicated to shaping the future of fitness training, demonstrating leadership and expertise in the dynamic landscape of the industry.
Shauna Britton
Cancer Exercise Maestro
Survivorship Advocate

Shauna Britton

Shauna Britton, a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, stands as the dedicated Exercise Specialist at Crunch Studio, specializing in oncology fitness at Sydney Adventist Hospital. Shuana’s focus is on individual goals and movement, as she passionately enhances well-being through fitness and strength. Specializing in oncology exercise, she supports clients pre, during, and post-treatment, aligning with oncologists who recommend exercise as beneficial, potentially making a 40% difference to outcomes. Explore Shauna’s impactful journey and expertise on her LinkedIn profile.

Scott Hunt
Inclusive Fitness Trailblazer
CEO, Fit Your Ability

Scott Hunt

Scott Hunt, Fitness Enhancement’s CEO and founder, established the company at 19 in 1999 with $400 and a vision for national expansion. Starting from his car, he evolved it into a Gold Coast studio. By 2014, it became Queensland’s largest personal training firm, the third-largest nationally, and is franchised for broader reach. With 20+ years in Muay Thai, he ran his own gym for 13 years. Scott boasts 20+ years as a personal trainer, conducted 20,000+ training sessions, 2,000+ Muay Thai classes, holds fitness certifications, a Bachelor’s in Sports Management, and earned accolades including Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016.